How to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung Electronics Private Limited is a Korean company that was established in the year 1969. It started as a nominal company, but in the future, it started adopting various marketing strategies and new business ideas, which made it one of the high-grossing multinational electronic corporations. It has its headquarters in South Korea and a large distribution scale throughout 74 countries, and approximately 3,00,000 people are working under this corporation. Regarding Samsung Electronics, their refrigerator is one of the most purchased items compared to the others. Samsung refrigerators are one of the most durable and long-life refrigerators available. They are made up of high-quality materials and consist of several features and facilities that make the life of people more convenient.

Why do you need to reset a Samsung Refrigerator?

There’s no doubt that Samsung refrigerators are one of the most robust and durable refrigerators available on the market. However, sometimes various technicalities or wiring issues come up in the fridge that causes improper functioning. In this certain condition, it is quite important to reset the refrigerator to its default settings to prevent any further complex issues from occurring. Therefore, when resetting, people should have the proper knowledge of their Samsung refrigerator’s model and its features. Talking about some of the reasons which make resetting the refrigerator mandatory are:

  • Resetting becomes quite important when the fish section is not cooling properly.
  • Similarly, if the freezer section is showing any dysfunction, it is necessary to reset the refrigerator.
  • Sometimes the refrigerator shows some dysfunction after the power supply is cut.
  • There might be any problem or troubleshooting that is occurring with the control panel.
  • Samsung refrigerator sometimes shows a dysfunctional alarm; in such conditions also, resetting will help.

Moreover, it should be kept in mind whenever the resetting of the refrigerant does not work or is successfully applied. It is important to call a technician to visit and check the refrigerator thoroughly.

Ways to Reset a Samsung Refrigerator

1. Resetting the Ice maker

Ice maker is one of the most convenient features that Samsung refrigerators provide. This ice maker shows several dysfunctions or improper functioning, due to which resetting becomes necessary. Some of the simple guidelines and steps to reset the Samsung refrigerators ice maker are as follows:

test ice maker

  • Initially, removing the ice tray from the Samsung refrigerator is required.
  • If there is any issue with removing the ice maker, then the refrigerator must be defrosted.
  • Once the refrigerator is defrosted, the ice tray must be removed from the ice maker.
  • The Samsung refrigerator comes with a reset button for the ice maker.
  • An individual should press and hold that reset button for 5 seconds.
  • The Samsung refrigerator also has a resetting sound. Therefore, in such cases, an individual must press and hold the reset button until they hear a chime.
  • That sound confirms the successful resetting off with the Samsung refrigerator.
  • The water pipe must be checked for any frosting that might occur in the pipe that is causing the dysfunction.
  • The refrigerator must also be checked for any gas leakage.
  • The Ice maker can be put back into its position. However, leaving the refrigerator idle for at least 30 minutes is recommended to stabilize itself.
  • After 30 minutes, the refrigerator can be used as usual, and the ice maker must be checked for its proper functioning.

If the refrigerator ice maker is working as usual as before, it indicates a proper resetting of the Samsung refrigerator. However, in the case of any ice blockage and gas leakage, the technician must be called immediately for further procedure.

2. Resetting the water filter:

Sometimes the Samsung refrigerator, especially the Samsung French door refrigerator, comes with a water filter indicator. In such indicators, when the water filter is either old or showing some dysfunction, it indicates that it needs to be changed. In such a condition, an individual must have the proper knowledge to reset the Samsung refrigerator’s water filter. Some simple steps to reset the Samsung refrigerator water filter:

Resetting the water filter

  • An individual is required to know their refrigerator model before replacing or resetting the water filter.
  • Samsung Refrigerator comes with different buttons for resetting the water filter in different models, i.e., some refrigerator comes with the alarm butter, and some comes with the ice water button or crushed ice button.
  • According to the manuals, the individual must press that resetting button and hold it for at least 5 seconds.
  • If the refrigerator makes any sound that indicates the resetting or the release of the water filter, it is quite good. Otherwise, release the button after 5 seconds.
  • Now the water filter needs to be removed from its position.
  • However, the individual needs to be careful while removing the water filter from the refrigerator; it must not damage any other fitting parts.
  • The new water filter must be placed in the compartment and fixed with the sound of a click.
  • Now the water is allowed to run through the water filter for at least 3 minutes.
  • After replacing the water filter, it should be checked for proper functioning. If the refrigerator does not indicate any sound related to the water filter, it clearly reflects a successful replacement of the water filter.

It must be kept in mind that the water filter needs to be changed or replaced in 6 months or a year for the proper hygienic condition of the refrigerator. Moreover, the refrigerator itself shows the indication of the replacement, and in such conditions, an individual must immediately replace the water filter to prevent any further technical issues.

3. Reset in the case of power failure:

Sometimes in the condition of a massive power failure, the appliance or the refrigerator might encounter several troubleshooting or dysfunctions. In such situations, if the refrigerator is reset to its default functions, it might start working correctly as usual. Therefore, in case of a power failure, the simple guidelines to reset the Samsung refrigerator are given below:

  • Most Samsung refrigerators have a function indicator showing the power failure conditions.
  • Sometimes a Samsung refrigerator shows an error code of 22E. This code represents that the refrigerator is not working properly or is broken.
  • The refrigerator needs to be unplugged from the power source.
  • Once the power source is cut off, the refrigerator must be set ideal for at least 30 to 40 seconds.
  • After this duration, the power needs to be supplied back to the refrigerator.
  • Once the power is reconnected to the fridge, the refrigerator must be given some time to stabilize itself and work in the proper condition.

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After reconnecting the power and giving it a proper rest time, the refrigerant needs to be checked for proper functioning. If it still shows some dysfunction or troubleshooting, the technician must be called for a visit and check the refrigerator for any further complex issues.


Samsung Electronics is one of the most well-reputed companies in the industry. Samsung refrigerators are known for their durability and long life span. Still, sometimes these refrigerators show troubleshooting, dysfunction, etc. In such conditions, it becomes quite necessary to reset the refrigerators to prevent any further complex issues. However, when resetting the refrigerator, an individual must have the proper knowledge of the refrigerator’s model and the functions and features that need to be reset.


  1. What are the conditions under which it becomes necessary to reset the Samsung refrigerator?

When it comes to the Samsung refrigerator is made up of high-quality raw materials and elements. Still, sometimes this functioning and features show some dysfunction, such as improper functioning of either fridge section, the freezer section, the water filter, or any other features. Therefore, it becomes quite necessary to reset the refrigerator.

  1. Why does the ice maker cause dysfunction?

The ice maker of the Samsung refrigerator sometimes shows several dysfunctions because of the ice blockage in the water pipe or gas leakage through the door seals, or sometimes there is an improper supply of the gas throughout the freezer section.

  1. What is the need to reset the Samsung refrigerator?

Due to some technicality, the Samsung refrigerator sometimes shows improper functioning in either the freezer or the fridge section. In such conditions, it becomes quite necessary to reset the refrigerator to prevent any further complex issues.

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