How to Reset a Maytag Refrigerator?

Founded over a century ago, in 1893, Maytag Corporation is a company based in the United States of America. In its early years, it manufactured solely washing machines, entering the refrigerators and other home appliances industry in 1946. Several decades later, it was acquired by Whirlpool Corporation in 2006. It currently generates revenue of 4.7 billion USD, employing around 2500 people.

Why do you need to reset a Maytag refrigerator?

There could be many reasons you may want to reset your Maytag refrigerator or any refrigerator in general. For instance, if the refrigerator is not cooling the stored items properly, resetting it may fix it back to normal. Or if the freezer is not doing its job as it should, resetting the refrigerator can also fix this issue.

Leaving aside the cooling aspect, the control panel can also start misbehaving and having issues. The same fix can be applied in these cases too. The list is not limited to these; users can face various other problems.

In this guide, we will help you through the process of resetting a Maytag refrigerator as well as its components.

Reset a Maytag refrigerator

Resetting a Maytag refrigerator is pretty straightforward and can generally be done without the assistance of customer support.

Step 1: Enter programming mode

First, simultaneously press the freezer’s Door Alarm and Temperature Down buttons. Hold both of them and then release the Door Alarm button. After three seconds, release the freezer’s Temperature Down button as well. Once you have done this, you will see the text ‘PE’ displayed on the screen, which means that your refrigerator has entered programming mode. Press the Temperature Down button for the freezer again.

Step 2: Confirm the program code

Now, you will see a code on the screen. This is meant to be the program code of your refrigerator. But there is a catch. Look for the program code of your refrigerator first. You can find that on the same plate with the refrigerator’s serial and model numbers. If this code matches the one on the screen, you are ready. You can move on to the next step.

However, if the displayed program code is not the same as what is on the plate, you must manually input the correct one. To do that, you have to change the numbers. You can do so by using the Temperature buttons for the freezer and the refrigerator. The buttons for the freezer will move the cursor, and the ones meant for the refrigerator will change the numbers. Press the Temperature Up button for the freezer to start this process.

Once you have input the correct program code, push and hold the freezer’s Temperature Down button until the code on your screen starts flashing. After that, release the button and press it again.

Step 3: Exit programming mode

After completing all of the processes mentioned above correctly, exit the programming mode of the refrigerator. You can do that simply by closing the doors of the refrigerator.

Do note that following the steps mentioned above is necessary and performing a proper reset after any part of the refrigerator has been replaced, especially the control panel.

You can also perform a simple reset by disconnecting your Maytag refrigerator from any source of electricity. After that, wait for about thirty minutes before plugging it back in. This will allow it to cool down, and other parts of the refrigerator will also be able to work fine after that. Make sure everything is working correctly once done. This method is especially preferred when there has been a power outage.

Reset the compressor of a Maytag refrigerator

First of all, remove all connections the refrigerator has with power outlets. Leave it like that for a while, preferably a few minutes. After that, switch the temperature controls of the refrigerator and the freezer to ‘Off’ or ‘0’. Connect the power cord again.

Now, set the values for the freezer’s and the refrigerator’s temperatures as you like. In roughly a day, the selected Temperature will be stabilized, and your refrigerator’s compressor will be reset.

Reset the display panel of a Maytag refrigerator

You can reset the display panel of your Maytag refrigerator in several different ways. They are mentioned below.

Method 1:

Press and hold the Freezer and Ref keys together for roughly eight seconds.

Method 2:

Press and hold the Power Cool and Power Freeze keys simultaneously for roughly ten seconds.

Method 3:

Simultaneously push and hold the Power Save/Energy Save and Lighting keys for nearly ten seconds.

Method 4:

Press either the Power Freeze key or the Quick Freeze key, and the Vacation key together and hold both for about ten seconds.

Method 5:

Press the Ice Type and Filter Reset keys simultaneously and hold them for about ten seconds.

Reset the ice maker of a Maytag refrigerator

Firstly, you have to ensure the refrigerator is in working condition. Then, shut the ice maker down by elevating the wire arm. Please bring it back down after a wait of about two to three minutes. This is the only way to reset the ice maker of Maytag refrigerators since they usually do not have a dedicated reset button. Check if the ice maker is working as intended.

ice maker of a Maytag

Reset the temperature settings of a Maytag refrigerator

Resetting the temperature settings of a Maytag refrigerator is pretty simple. Keep the refrigerator unplugged from the power outlet for a few minutes, then plug it back in. This will reset the temperature settings, and you must configure them again per your preference.

On the other hand, you may want to reset the temperature alarm of the refrigerator. This can be done with just the push of a button. Press the Temp Alarm key from the control panel, and the alarm will be shut off and reset.

Reset the door alarm of a Maytag refrigerator

You can reset the door alarm of your Maytag refrigerator in three ways. All of them are mentioned below.

Method 1:

Shut the doors of the refrigerator properly. Keep them like that for about five minutes, and the door alarm will get reset. Any beeping sounds will also be shut down.

Method 2:

Make sure that the doors are properly closed. After that, press the Door Alarm key if it is available on the control panel of your Maytag refrigerator.

Method 3:

Unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet and wait for about five minutes. Then plug it again. This will perform a hard reset.

Reset the water filter of a Maytag refrigerator

Firstly, locate the Water Filter key on the control panel of your Maytag refrigerator. Press it down and hold it for nearly five seconds. The displayed text should change from ‘Replace’ to ‘Good.’ Suppose it does not try again. This will reset the water filter of your Maytag refrigerator. Ensure that it is working correctly.

That concludes this guide. You can contact a trained technician or Maytag customer support if you still have doubts or are stuck somewhere.

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