How to Reset a Galanz Fridge

Resetting your Galanz fridge can help resolve various issues and get your fridge running properly again. A reset restores the fridge to its factory settings, clearing any glitches or errors in the system. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to reset your Galanz refrigerator.

When To Reset Your Galanz Fridge

Here are some common situations when resetting your Galanz fridge may help:

– Fridge is not cooling properly – Food is not staying cold; the fridge is warmer than normal. A reset can clear any software errors causing cooling issues.

– Fridge temperature display is inaccurate – The fridge display shows incorrect or fluctuating temperatures. Resetting can recalibrate the temperature sensors.

– Fridge is making odd noises – You notice strange humming, buzzing, or clicking sounds from the fridge. A reset can clear any glitches in the compressor or fan motors.

– Fridge lights not working – The interior lights have stopped working for unknown reasons. A reset often resolves lighting problems.

– Unresponsive touch panel – The touch control panel fails to respond and has frozen. A reset can get the panel working again.

– After a power outage – Resetting the fridge after an outage can eliminate any residual power surge issues.

If your Galanz fridge exhibits any unusual behavior, resetting it is worth a try before calling for service. The process is quick and easy.

Reset a Galanz Fridge

Follow these simple steps to reset your Galanz refrigerator:

1. Remove all food and shelves

Take out all food from inside the fridge and freezer compartment. Remove any shelves, drawers, or trays as well. This allows you to access the back wall and freezer floor unobstructed.

2. Locate the reset button

Galanz fridges have a small reset button located inside the fridge compartment. It is usually found near the controls on the back wall towards the top. The reset button is recessed to prevent accidental presses.

3. Press and hold the reset button

Use a thin object like a paper clip to press the reset button. Hold the button down continuously for 5-7 seconds.

4. Listen for reset sounds

Keep holding the button down until you hear 2-3 beeping sounds. This indicates the fridge has been reset. The display may turn off briefly before turning back on.

5. Put fridge back together

Once reset, replace any shelves, drawers, and trays. Return food items to the fridge and freezer. Plug the fridge back in if it is unplugged.

6. Allow time for cooling

Give the newly reset fridge 2-3 hours to get back down to temperature before loading it up with items. Monitor to make sure it is cooling properly.

And that’s it! You can reset your Galanz fridge back to factory conditions with just a few simple steps. This often resolves common operational issues encountered with the fridge.


Q. How long does a Galanz fridge reset take?

The actual reset only takes seconds to complete. Hold the reset button for 5-7 seconds until you hear beeping sounds. It takes about 2-3 hours for the fridge to cool back down to proper temperatures before filling it up with food again.

Q. Will resetting delete the WiFi connection?

Unfortunately, yes, resetting does erase any WiFi connection settings. After resetting the fridge to WiFi, you will have to reconnect using the original connection instructions.

Q. Does resetting delete temperature settings?

A fridge reset wipes all user temperature settings back to factory defaults. You will need to reprogram your desired temperatures after a reset.

Q. Do I need to unplug the fridge before resetting?

It is not necessary to unplug the Galanz fridge prior to a reset. The reset can be done with the fridge still being switched on and connected to power.

Q. Can I reset just the freezer or fridge section separately?

No, the reset button resets the entire connected fridge and freezer unit together. There is no way to reset just one section independently.

Q. Will a reset fix a fridge that won’t turn on?

If the fridge is completely dead and won’t power on at all, then a reset will likely not resolve this. There is typically another underlying issue preventing power-up that requires service.

Q. Do I need to take out all the food before a reset?

Yes, it’s best to remove everything from the fridge and freezer compartments prior to a reset. This allows the fridge to cool back down faster after the reset.

Q. How do I determine if the fridge reset worked?

Check that the fridge is cooling properly and maintaining set temperatures after 2-3 hours. Monitor the compressor and fans to ensure they run normally after a reset.

Q. Is it safe to reset a Galanz fridge regularly?

Frequent resets are not recommended. Only reset your Galanz when troubleshooting specific operational problems. Resets for no reason can wear system components over time.

Q. How can I back up fridge settings before resetting?

Unfortunately, there is no way to back up or export fridge settings on a Galanz model. Settings will have to be reprogrammed from scratch after a reset.

Q. Does resetting erase error codes?

One benefit of a fridge reset is that it will clear any logged error codes from the computer’s memory. This can aid in the troubleshooting of recurring issues.


Resetting your Galanz refrigerator is an easy first step in resolving common functionality problems. Be sure to give the fridge ample time to cool down after a reset before filling it back up. If issues persist after a reset, contact Galanz support for further troubleshooting. Your Galanz fridge should provide many years of reliable service with proper care and maintenance.

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