How to Reset Filter Light on Samsung Refrigerator?

Many Samsung refrigerators come with a component called the light filter. It is an indicator that lights up when the water filter needs to be replaced. Samsung recommends its users change the water filter twice a year. But it can also be changed when there is any defect, or the filter is not working correctly. The conditions are endless, but the filter light takes care of that.

Also, the Samsung refrigerators’ filter light usually indicates three stages of the water filter’s life. One is for when the filter is fit to use, one for when you may have to replace it soon, and one for when you need to replace it immediately.

Now, let us discuss what you must do after replacing the water filter. Since the filter is new, the filter light must also be reset. And in this guide, we will tell you how to do so.

Resetting the filter light on a Samsung refrigerator

There are five keys by which you can reset the filter light on your Samsung refrigerator. They are mentioned below.

  1. Ice Type key
  2. Alarm key
  3. Water key
  4. Ice key
  5. Crushed Ice key

There is one key combination that will help you achieve the same. That includes the Ice Type and Child Lock keys. Which of these keys will reset the filter light may depend on your refrigerator’s model.

First, locate these keys on the control panel of your Samsung refrigerator. Then, press them down and hold them there for about five seconds. Do the same for the key combination mentioned above as well. The filter light will be reset after this.

Samsung refrigerator light
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However, suppose none of the buttons mentioned above reset the filter light. In that case, you must contact Samsung support or look for the same online for your specific refrigerator model. You can also consult a qualified technician if the need be.

Understanding the working of the filter light

As mentioned above, the filter light acts as an indicator of the condition of the water filter. In Samsung refrigerators, this filter light is green or blue (depending on your refrigerator model) when the water filter is in good condition. It will continue to work correctly for a while.

When the filter light turns pink or orange, the water filter should be replaced soon. It is nearing the end of its life. And when the filter light finally turns red, the water filter requires immediate replacement. Any further delay will lead to improper filtering of the water. That, in turn, will then lead to the water filling up with contaminants and becoming unfit for drinking.

The time period between these events is not fixed. If you live in an area where the water supply to houses is clean, it will last longer. Whereas, in areas where the water supply is not so clean, you will have to replace the filter within a shorter time. In addition, other things are factoring in the longevity of the water filter as well. The point is that the water filter does not come with a fixed life duration.

Lastly, do note that your refrigerator is just a machine, after all. It would be best not to depend only on the filter light. If you notice any decline in water quality coming out of the filter, it would be best to replace it even if the filter light indicates that it is healthy. There may be times when it does not function properly. So, keep an eye on that.

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