How to Fix a Galanz Fridge That’s Not Cooling?

Having a refrigerator that fails to keep your food cold is a major inconvenience and can lead to spoiled food and bacterial growth. If you have a Galanz fridge that is not cooling adequately or at all, there are several DIY troubleshooting steps you can take before calling for a professional repair service.

Galanz is a Chinese appliance brand that makes refrigerators, air conditioners, and other home electronics. Their fridges are generally affordable options with the basic features needed to refrigerate and freeze food. Like all refrigerators, Galanz models can develop problems over time that affect their ability to maintain cool air circulation and proper temperatures.

This comprehensive guide will walk through common reasons a Galanz refrigerator may stop cooling properly and provide actionable tips to try to get it functioning again. We’ll cover troubleshooting the various components and parts that work together to cool the interior, from the compressor to the thermostat. By inspecting your Galanz fridge and making adjustments methodically, you can hopefully resolve cooling issues on your own without the cost of a repair visit.

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Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Guide

Follow these steps to begin diagnosing and addressing why your Galanz refrigerator is warm and not cooling:

Before troubleshooting a Galanz fridge that’s not cooling, consider a simple reset first. This may resolve temporary glitches.

1. Verify the fridge is actually not cooling. Use a thermometer to check the interior temperatures of both the fridge and freezer compartments. Compare to the set temperature as shown on the display. If they are warmer than they should be, cooling issues are confirmed.

2. Check that the fridge is plugged in and power is on. Ensure the power cord is firmly inserted in the wall outlet, and the outlet is functional. Test with another appliance, like a lamp. Continue troubleshooting if the fridge has internal lights but isn’t running.

3. Inspect the condenser coils. Dust buildup on condenser coils at the fridge’s rear or bottom can prevent proper airflow. Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to clean coils if dirty.

4. Make sure the refrigerator is level. Galanz fridges won’t cool well if tilting forward or backward. Use a level tool to confirm it is evenly balanced. Adjust foot height as needed.

5. Allow adequate ventilation room. Heat discharges from vents at the back/bottom. Ensure at least 4 inches minimum space from walls for air to circulate.

6. Listen for compressor operation. The compressor makes a humming or pulsating sound when on. If operating, the cooling system is trying to run. No noise could mean sealed system failure.

7. Check refrigerator door seal tightness. A loose door seal will allow cool air to escape. Do the dollar bill test by shutting a bill in the door and tugging. Resistance means the seal is tight.

8. Inspect the control panel and settings. Reset the temperature controls to recommended levels in case of accidental adjustment. Power fridge off, allow to reset, then restart.

9. Replace the water filter if clogged. A filter preventing water flow to the ice maker can impact overall fridge cooling efficiency. Swap filter or remove to test.

10. Monitor freezer and fridge evaporators. Internal fans should distribute air over evaporator coils. If iced over, a defrost system issue is likely causing problems.

11. Test continuity on the start relay. Use a multimeter to check the relay that starts the compressor. If defective, the sealed system won’t activate. Replace if faulty.

12. Inspect the defrost heater and timer. The defrost system controls frost buildup on coils. Faulty components will lead to cooling disruptions. Test with a multi-meter and replace parts as needed.

13. Check for refrigerant leaks. Low refrigerant levels make it impossible for the Galanz fridge to maintain proper temperatures. A technician can recharge the refrigerant if it is low.

14. Replace failed components. If testing points to issues like a bad thermostat, capacitor, control board, etc., swap in replacement parts.

By methodically working through these troubleshooting tips, you should be able to determine what is causing cooling failure in your Galanz refrigerator. The issue is likely something minor that you can address yourself, saving on repair bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Galanz Fridge Cooling Problems

1. What are the most common reasons a Galanz refrigerator stops cooling?

Some of the most frequent causes of lost cooling in Galanz fridges include:

– Compressor failure
– Refrigerant leak
– Defrost system malfunction
– Thermostat/temperature control failure
– Condenser coil clogging
– Door seal damage or loosening over time
– Electrical component or wiring problems

2. What should I check first if my Galanz fridge is warm inside?

Start troubleshooting by verifying the compressor or sealed system is running. Listen for humming and feel for vibrations. No operation means cooling can’t happen. Also check for proper door sealing, condenser coil dirt, and interior evaporator frost buildup.

3. Why does my Galanz fridge make noise but still not get cold?

Loud compressor noise combined with inadequate cooling often points to low refrigerant levels. A leak causes the refrigerant to drop, making the compressor work harder with less cooling effect. A technician can confirm and recharge the sealed system.

4. How can I fix freezer burn and food spoiling from my Galanz fridge not staying cold?

Resolve the underlying cooling problem as soon as possible. Then, thoroughly clean the fridge interior to prevent bacteria from spreading. Check food packaging for frost or ice crystals, which indicate freezing damage. Discard any spoiled perishable food items to be safe.

5. What should I do if my Galanz fridge shows an error code?

Start by looking up the specific error code in the user manual to determine the issue. Error codes often signify things like compressor problems, temperature sensor failure, or condenser fan faults. Some errors will require professional service to fix.

6. Why does my Galanz fridge only work sometimes?

Intermittent cooling failures that resolve temporarily point to components like the compressor relay and start capacitor needing replacement. These parts allow the sealed system to turn on and off as needed to maintain temperature.

7. My Galanz freezer is working, but the fridge is warm; why?

If the freezer cools but not the fridge section, the problem is likely isolated to fridge components. Potential causes include a clogged fridge air filter, evaporator fan failure, defrost system breakdown, or a bad thermostat.

8. What’s the best way to reset a Galanz refrigerator?

To reset power, unplug the fridge or turn off the circuit breaker for 2-3 minutes. Leave doors open and let sit for 10+ minutes to warm up. Then restart the fridge for several hours to re-cool before placing food inside. Monitor temperatures.


Galanz refrigerators provide reliable cooling when functioning properly. However, age, wear, and component failure can disrupt temperatures and lead to spoiled food. By following a systematic troubleshooting process, most common Galanz fridge problems can be diagnosed and repaired at home without an expensive service call. Pay close attention to parts like the compressor, condenser coils, defrost system, thermostat, and door seal when inspecting a non-cooling refrigerator. With persistence and testing, you can likely get your Galanz appliance back to keeping food fresh and avoid replacement.

You can often restore the cooling function by checking for basic issues first. However, fridge experts should tackle the job for major component or sealed system problems. Contact a refrigerator repair technician if DIY efforts don’t solve your Galanz fridge cooling issues. Proper maintenance and timely repairs will maximize the lifespan of your fridge. You can find more info on the Galanz website’s FAQs page and reach out to customer service through several methods.

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