How to Defrost Samsung Refrigerator?

Samsung refrigerators are one of the best quality refrigerators on the market. They are well known for their good quality cooling and freezing, as well as a ton of present features. However, sometimes a freezer frost condition might occur in that refrigerator. This condition occurred due to the contact of moisture with the freezer section. This could be a technical issue or a general reason which might have caused the frosting of the freezer.

In such conditions, an individual must have the proper knowledge to defrost a Samsung refrigerator. As many of the Samsung refrigerators comes with the function of a forced defrost. Therefore, the following article will go through simple guidelines for defrosting the Samsung refrigerator.

Reason for defrosting in Samsung Refrigerator:

Before turning to the defrosting procedure of the Samsung refrigerator, it is necessary to know what frost means and how it is formed.

The basic reason for frosting is moisture accumulation in the freezer section. Most Samsung refrigerators come with quality shelves in their freezer for storage convenience. When these shelves capture some moisture with them, it gets in contact with the wall of the freezer. Once this moisture comes in contact with the wall of the freezer, it gets into the evaporator coils.

Therefore, these evaporator coils cause the formation of an ice-like structure from the gas running through the refrigerator. This condition is called frosting. Some of the general reasons for frost are:

  • Accumulation of the moisture on the walls or the shelf of the freezer section.
  • If the freezer door is left open for quite a long time.
  • Entrance of warm air in the freezer section.
  • Damage or broken door seal.

Impact of defrosting on a Samsung Refrigerator:

There are several negative impacts that are caused by the refrigerator due to the reason of a frost, and some of the widespread impacts that can be seen in the Samsung refrigerator due to the reason for frosting are given below:

  • As the freezer section is accumulated with the ice, there will be less storage space left for storing anything.
  • As the ice that is formed within the freezer section is made up of the gas running through the refrigerator, this might cause a foul smell to generate from the freezer section.
  • These gas ice build-ups might cause a freezer burn where the food stored in the freezer section might get a tangy taste in them.
  • Moreover, if this frost goes beyond the freezer section towards the coil or internal pipeline, it might affect the freezer and cause serious damage.

Quick Way to Defrost Samsung Refrigerator:

It is quite easy and convenient to defrost any refrigerator. Therefore, some simple step-by-step guidelines and methods to defrost a Samsung refrigerator are given below.

  • Disconnect the Samsung refrigerator from the power source.
  • Items including the food, dairy, vegetables, etc., must be removed from the refrigerator.
  • Empty out the complete freezer section.
  • If the freezer section has shelves in it, the shelves need to be taken out.
  • Keep the door of the refrigerator open.
  • Once the ice has started melting up, it is advised to remove the excess ice timely and clean the refrigerator.

Once all the ice is removed and melted off, it is advised to clean the refrigerator properly from the inside, close the doors, and plug the refrigerator into the power source.

An alternate method to defrost Samsung Refrigerator:

Considering these defrosting and frosting problems in the refrigerator, Samsung came up with our defrosting button in some of its high-end refrigerators. Some of the alternate methods to defrost Samsung refrigerators based on their models are given below:

1. The refrigerator has an energy saver as well as a freezer button: It is advised to press both of them simultaneously for a time duration of 4 seconds until you hear a beep sound. This will activate a forced defrost option.

2. The refrigerator has an energy saver and a fridge button: It is advised to press both of them simultaneously for 8 seconds. This will turn off the control panel. Now press the fridge button continuously four times. This will activate the forced defrost option.

3. Some of the refrigerators have a cool select button and a freezer button: In those refrigerators, an individual must press and hold both buttons simultaneously for 8 seconds. After this, pressing any button 4 times will put the refrigerator in the forced defrost mode.

4. The refrigerators that do not consist of are energy saver button and cool select button: In such conditions, it is advised to press and hold the control lock button along with the freezer button for a period of 12 seconds. This will turn on the forced defrost mode.

These were some of the alternate methods to defrost the Samsung refrigerator. However, there are several methods to speed up the defrosting of Samsung refrigerators.

Pace up the defrost of the Samsung Refrigerator:

In order to pace up and speed up the defrost of the Samsung refrigerator, there are several methods and guidelines that can be followed in this condition. Some of them are given below.

  • Use of hot water

Using hot water can also be proved convenient for increasing the speed of defrosting of Samsung refrigerators. Like most, the Samsung refrigerators have shelves in the freezer section, and a bowl of hot water can be kept on the shelve in order to melt the ice faster. However, it is advised to change the water after every 10 minutes because the water might turn cold in the meantime, and it won’t remain as effective as before.

  • Using a fan

Using a fan is one of the most convenient and safe methods to pace up the defrost of the Samsung refrigerator, as the fan can be used to blow the air inside the freezer section in order to melt the ice faster in the most convenient way.

  • Using a blow dryer

A blow-dry can also be used to melt the ice from the freezer section as the blow dryer blows out the hot air, which can easily melt the ice from the freezer section. However, precautions must be taken in order to prevent the contact of the hair dryer or its cord with the ice or the melted water.

  • Scraping

Scrapping is one of the least advised methods in increasing the speed of defrosting a Samsung refrigerator. Scraping involves the usage of sharp knives in objects which might cause harm to the inner material or surface of the freezer section. Therefore, scraping must be done once the ice has melted a little bit; then, a plastic or wooden spatula can be used to scrape off the ice.

Prevention of frost:

Proper care must be taken off the refrigerator to prevent roasting. Because once the frosting occurs, it might cause serious damage to the refrigerator, which cannot be repaired.

In some cases, apart from having the warning of not using any sharp objects like a scraper or a knife to rip off the ice from the freezer section, there are several other considerations that need to be followed to prevent frosting in the Samsung refrigerator.

  • The freezer section must not be left open for a long period of time.
  • The freezer section must be checked regularly for any damaged parts.
  • Do not put a warm item directly into the freezer section until it is cooled down to a certain temperature.
  • Freezers should not be kept where high-temperature appliances are being used. For example, a water heater, furnace, or dryer.
  • The back of the fridge must be kept at a certain distance from the world to prevent the accumulation of any moisture and heat release.


Samsung refrigerators are known for their better functionality and good life. However, sometimes frosting conditions might occur in the refrigerator. In such conditions, an individual must have the proper knowledge to defrost the Samsung refrigerator, as frosting can cause serious damage and complex issues in the refrigerator.

Therefore, defrosting the Samsung refrigerator is quite necessary. Moreover, special case care must be taken to prevent frost accumulation in the refrigerator’s freezer section and maintain its life span.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Why do most people prefer Samsung refrigerators? 

Most people prefer the Samsung refrigerator over any other because of its better functionality, durability, strength, and long lifespan.

  1. What is the basic cause of frosting in a Samsung refrigerator?

The basic reason for defrosting in a Samsung refrigerator is the accumulation of the moisture on the freezer’s walls or the damage to the freezer’s door, which is letting warm air inside the freezer section.

  1. How can we prevent frosting in Samsung refrigerators?

Checking the freezer section regularly, closing the door properly, not putting any hot vessels directly into the freezer, etcetera, are some of the general measures that can be taken to prevent frosting in the Samsung refrigerator.

  1. What are the harmful effects of a frost in a Samsung refrigerator?

The ice built up due to the frosting in the refrigerator might cause damage to the interior parts of the freezer, which could lead to severe and complex issues.

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